Gov. Parsons Signs HB 1516

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to: Rep. John Wiemann; Sen. Jeannie Riddle; MCPA Lobbyists Mo McCullough & Lynne Schlosser; MCPA Legislative Committee: Dr. Quinn James, Dr. Russ Matthias, Dr. Len Suiter, & Dr. Paul Dupuis, entire MCPA Board of Directors; those that helped testify for this bill: Dr. John McGowan, Dr. Ron Farabaugh, Dr. Ross Mattox; and all others who helped support this bill by donating and/or calling their legislator to help in the success of getting this bill passed.

Without you, this would not have been possible! 

The mission of the Missouri Chiropractic Physicians Association is to advocate for Missouri's chiropractic profession for the health of the public we serve. It takes the support of all the chiropractors in Missouri to move this great profession forward.

The MCPA works diligently to provide its members with not only the benefits of free summer convention registration, patient referral, legal questions, insurance assistance, discounted seminar options, and more; but it works behind the scenes to improve the legislative and insurance climate in Missouri.

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Important Message from the President

As part of this year's strategic planning initiative, the MSCA Board of Directors was tasked at reviewing all aspects of the association. This review not only reviewed the size of our board of directors and all of our policies and procedures, it also included and a review of our name and logo. At our October Board Meeting, the board voted to change both the name and logo to closer align our association to what has been listed on our chiropractic licenses for decades.

Starting January 1, 2018, the new name of the organization will be the Missouri Chiropractic Physicians Association. The name change will in no way change your current scope of practice or the focus of the association as a whole; it is simply a reflection of your existing licensure.



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Over 150 Chiropractic Continuing Education courses approved in Missouri available on your schedule. Click the link below to view course list.

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MCPA 2018 Elections

2018 MCPA Candidates for Office

The MCPA accepted nominations for two (2) positions on the MCPA Board of Directors. The nominees are:

  • Secretary:  Dr. Doran L. Nicholson, Dist. 2

  • Treasurer:   Dr. L. Russell Matthias, Dist. 2

NOTE: Any officer of this association who, during a term of office, may become a member of the Board of Directors of a chiropractic school or college, or who may become a member of the Missouri State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, automatically loses his elective office.

2018 MCPA Proposed Bylaw Amendments

The MCPA Board of Directors is proposing amendments to the current MCPA bylaws that remove one of the Member at Large positions, allow District Alternates to be elected and attend meetings in the District Representatives absence, remove the restriction of District Presidents from being District Representatives, and update language in existing Bylaws. Please see the listing of the proposed amendments on the back of this page.


Please click the button below if you are considering voting for these offices, whether in person or by absentee ballot. MCPA Bylaws will be followed to protect the integrity of the election process.
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Veterans Affairs Release VHA Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI)

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) released evidence-based guidelines on Opioid Safety as a way "to improve patient outcomes, ensure patient safety, and increase efficiency of our community-based services".  Click the link below to read the full report, find our how to take the online training, or to learn more about becoming a VHA Provider. 

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The function of the PAC is to raise funds solely for the purpose of campaign contributions for candidates for Missouri political offices who are chiropractic supporters. Without the PAC, the voice of the chiropractic profession in Missouri would be silenced. We depend on your contributions to keep our voices heard at the Missouri Capitol.

Please consider joining or donating to PAC today. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and needed.

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