National ChiroCares Giving Back Day is May 19th!

Missouri Chiropractors: Donate to Your Local Food Bank Through Feeding America, Get Your Patients Involved – Resources Available!

We want to tell you about an exciting new national effort spearheaded by the MCPA, partnering with ChiroCongress and the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) – the first annual National ChiroCares Giving Back Day. On May 19th, chiropractic state associations across the nation – and their members – will organize and participate in different events that give back to their local communities during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The MCPA is organizing a virtual food drive through Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, and we are asking for your help!

National ChiroCares Giving Back Day not only symbolizes the power of positivity within the chiropractic profession, but it also further exemplifies the commitment chiropractors demonstrate as healthcare providers and pillars of their communities, ready and willing to help those who are in need. Let’s work together to strengthen our communities, enhance the quality of life for those who are in need, and do our part to give back to the communities that we serve.

Feeding America – Two Ways to Give Back on May 19th!

At, there are two major ways to donate:

  • Donate to a food bank in your area: Scroll down to “Find Your Local Food Bank", put in your zip code, and your local food bank will appear. Click on the link and then on “Give Locally” to donate.
  • Donate to Feeding America’s overall COVID-19 response effort to shore up food banks across the nation, click on “Donate Now” next to “HELP FOOD BANKS RESPOND TO COVID-19.”

Get Your Patients and Community Involved, Too!

ChiroCongress, the F4CP, and the MCPA have created resources you can use to promote National ChiroCares Giving Back Day (and your practice) to your patients and your community. These customizable marketing materials, including a press release, social media postings, and flyers, can be easily downloaded, modified to fit your practice, and used with your local media, on your social media platforms, and in other patient communications to notify the public about this event.

Hunger Statistics in Missouri
  • In Missouri, 865,400 people are struggling with hunger - and of them 243,110 are children. That means 1 in 7 people and 1 in 6 children in Missouri struggle with hunger.
  • Your $100 donation can feed a family of 4 for 50 days
  • Your $50 donation can feed a single parent and two children for one month.
  • Your $25 donation can supplement an elderly couple's fixed income by providing nearly a month's worth of meals.
  • Your $10 donation can feed a family of 4 for 5 days.
Feeding America:
  • Your impact: $1 = 10 meals
  • Every dollar you give can provide at least 10 meals to families in need through the Feeding America network of food banks.
  • Fundraising can give the highest return for your effort. Food drives can raise 700 pounds per distribution location — roughly 583 meals. Conversely, raising and donating $700 to your local food bank would translate to 2100 meals.

Below is everything you need to promote National ChiroCares Day to your patients and your community:

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Social Media Graphics and Posts

Sample Social Media Post Verbiage:

  • May 19th is ChiroCares day, a national event to give back to our community. To celebrate #ChiroCares, our practice is encouraging virtual, monetary donations to our local food bank. To find your local food back and/or donate, visit:

  •  Our practice will be giving a virtual donation to our local food back in honor of #ChiroCares Day, a national event where the chiropractic profession will be giving back to our community, on May 19th. To donate alongside our practice, visit or find your State’s food bank network to see their biggest need/ask.

  •  Interested in giving back to your local community in honor of #ChiroCares Day on May 19, 2020? Visit to give a virtual donation to your local food bank – our practice will be doing the same!

  •  Caring and sharing – what chiropractic care is all about. #ChiroCares2020 (Graphic Design: “May 19 is National ChiroCares Day. A special day doctors of chiropractic (DCs) Give Back to the Community.”)

  • Today is National ChiroCares Day and we are giving back to our community by donating a virtual, monetary donation of $_____ to the local food pantry to ensure safe #SocialDistancing. #ChiroCares2020


ChiroCares Virtual Food Drive Flyer


Customizable Press Release (to send to your local media)

ChiroCares Press Release


Sample Email to Patients

Sample Email to Patients


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